Say hello to Yul!


Say hello to Yul, who joins our team as barista.
She will serve you our finest Italian coffee, milk shakes and all the other great drinks with a smile.
Come along and marvel at Yul’s magic skills at the steaming espresso machine.


Look out for our new signage “The Mad Bean”!


After our little renovation to keep the rain out, we put a large signage above the entrance to make it easier for you to stop by.
Now it’s really easy to locate the cozy Mad Bean – even in the night. Come along and grab a coffee or one of our new milkshake recipes.
Signage night

Mad been renovation


It’s time for a little renovation, since the last rain had water coming into our offices. We hope the sealing of the front and on the roof will withstand the next banjir attack. Meanwhile the coffee shop is open of course. So come in and have a chit chat – maybe about the rain?

The Mad Bean renovation